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Managing Digital

All visitors can access reports on how local authorities are managing delivery and performance in key areas of digital activity.

Better connected headlines 2015

Provides the national picture of the state of development and performance of local authority websites. We present overall rankings using the Better connected star system (one to four stars, where four is best).

Digital engagement 2015

Results from the Better connected digital engagement survey provide valuable information about use of customer accounts, email alerts, and social media practice and activity. Results from this survey do not contribute Better connected’s ranking of council websites.

Digital management 2015

In 2015, Better connected investigated for the first time what goes on behind the scenes in managing councils’ web and digital activity. Our contacts were invited to complete a survey covering web and digital governance, strategy and policy, management of content, performance, usage, resources and budgets. Here we publish headline results for all councils. Participating authorities have access to full results and can benchmark themselves against similar local authorities.

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