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Better Connected 2016-17: how we approach and score some key aspects of surveys

Thu 06 Oct 2016
Vicky Sargent

In an earlier post I mentioned that we would be publishing some guidance on how Better Connected reviewers approach and score aspects of our surveys:

Findability from Google

The Google searches that start each service-based Better Connected task will usually be set up as council ‘service name’ (eg planning application, food business registration). We will identify and search on one term only for search. It will be a common term but one of a number of terms people may use for such a task. We will look only on the first page of Google results. We will expect pages found to link to the task page. Getting a link to a PDF only, scores ‘No’

Site search terms

By contrast in defining site search terms for reviewers, we will include the task’s ‘action’ word (eg ‘pay’, ‘report’). We will identify one term only for search. We will expect the result to be found in the first five results.


In defining site search terms for reviewers, we will NOT include the task’s ‘action’ word (eg ‘pay’, ‘report’). We will identify one term only for A-Z search.

Does the home page link me to this task?

This question appears in all service-based tasks. For each task we will provide reviewers with guidance about the service heading under which the task should be found. For example, a task like ‘register a food business’ should be under business, not environmental health (ok if it is under environmental health as well). Where a service is listed under ‘report/pay’ etc – it MUST also be listed under the relevant service category. So ‘pay council tax’ must be under/linked from the council tax category as well as under any report/pay function.

Does the service landing page link me directly to this task?

Any of the tasks we test will be ‘top tasks’ so should be explicit on the service landing page or within one link of it.

Requirement to login when reporting or commenting

Council website users should not be required to login for reporting or commenting or other tasks where this is not necessary for security or authentication purposes. However, the website should make clear any benefits of registering and loggin in (eg to be able to access progress with a report). We understand that councils want to drive take up of registration for customer accounts for good reasons of efficiency and channel shift, but we do not believe this should not be forced on people.

Please feel free to comment on any of the above and ask for guidance on any other areas where you are uncertain about how we assess sites for Better Connected.



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