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First results and reports from Better Connected 2016-17 due this month!

Thu 01 Dec 2016
Vicky Sargent

Later this month every UK council will see results published from at least one of the four service based surveys that will be undertaken as part of their assessment in this Better Connected cycle. For most councils the results will be on ‘apply for building control’, but for metropolitan districts it will be ‘apply for housing’ and county councils, ‘access e-books and resources from libraries’.

Headline results for all councils, and reports on how councils as a group did in each survey, will be free to view on this website. Employees of Socitm Insight subscribing councils and other subscribing organisations can use their Socitm log in (just register f-o-c on the Socitm website) to see full details of individual performances.

Also reporting before Christmas will be the first stage of this year’s accessibility testing. In a change to previous practice, we will be testing in two stages. Stage one will be a limited test but councils must pass this to progress to the fuller, stage two test that tests the same things as previous years (read The 14 criteria used for testing and scoring tasks within last year's accessibility report for more details).

We’re offering a re-test for sites that fail stage one to enable them to fix their site and then proceed to stage two if successful. Watch out for announcements in Socitm broadcasts (sent to people who register on the Socitm website - you don't need to be a member) about your results and what to do next, by mid-December.

Check out other posts in this blog for information about a number of other changes and developments being introduced this year. These include some changes to scoring, and also the introduction of paid for reviews that enable councils to improve their published scores - if they have improved their website - between the end of one Better Connected cycle and the next.

Finally, in the first in what we hope will become a series of developments exploiting the value of Better Connected with its page-per-council publishing platform, councils can now upload details of their digital innovations to appear on their Better Connected ‘home’ page and also in the site’s local digital innovations index. If you have digital innovations to promote and share, visit the local digital innovations index for information about how to upload them. The initiative supports the Local CIO Council’s LCIOC’s ‘Simplify - Standardise - Share’ campaign.



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