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of UK local government websites provide a good or very good user experience based on our testing in 2017-18. Out of 414 UK council websites, 43 have been awarded 4 stars overall and a further 187 have been awarded 3 stars. Each council has been subject to four ‘service task’ based surveys (e.g. Find out about parking, find childcare; order garden waste collection etc) as well as a survey testing the quality of site navigation, search and A-Z facilities. Four star sites have also passed a test for accessibility to people with disabilities.

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Upcoming surveys

On June 13 we publish full results of the Better Connected surveys for the 2017-18 cycle.

Find out how your council did from the tool above or from the 'councils' link in the menu.

Access reports on how councils as a whole did on different service based tasks, from the services section.

View commentary on the accessibility and usability test results in the usability section.

Keep up to date with developments in our blog or via @btrconnected in Twitter.

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From the blog

Better Connected programme update – 11 May 2018

25 September in Birmingham: Council websites and the digital citizen This event is particularly for people who use the Better Connected programme to support and drive improvement in the customer experience of their websites. The programme will include feedback from the 2017/18 surveys as well as presentations and discussions on cross cutting themes such as usability, accessibility, customer engagement, and website usage. The day will also include content to help councils prepare for Better Connected 2018/19. Join us if you work in web and digital management, customer services, IT/digital management, and digital transformation. Web professionals attached to key service areas like social care may also find the day useful. We will publish the programme and booking arrangements soon, but email if you would like to register interest now.
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