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of all 416 council websites provide a good or very good service.

This is the final result from Better Connected 2016-17, which has carried out more than 3000 separate surveys on performance in four service based tasks (eg order a bulky waste collection), how usable sites are when accessed from mobile devices, the quality of search, navigation and A-Z functions, and how accessible sites are to people with disabilities.

Headline results for all 416 UK councils are free-to-view on this site, with further pages carrying detailed results available for councils that subscribe to Better Connected. Commentary on councils' overall performance will be published shortly.

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Full results for individual councils including overall star rankings are now available on this site.

Go to individual council pages that can be accessed from the council index page.

Commentary on the performance of councils generally in the 2016-17 survey will be published here from 5 June. Comprehensive feedback will be presented as part of the Connected Local Government Live event in Birmingham on 28/29 June 2017.

This will be an opportunity to talk with members of the review team and representatives of the Digital Accessibility Centre who carry out accessibility testing for Better Connected. We will also present the Better Connected Awards for high performing councils in a range of categories.


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From the blog

Congratulations to 46 councils performing consistently well on Better Connected service tasks in 2016-17 tests

At the end of each year’s survey cycle, Better Connected focuses applause on those councils that achieve four stars. This year there were 36 of them, 9% of all UK councils. In this post by contrast, we applaud councils that passed (ie achieved 3 or 4 stars) on all their four service task tests. These councils are achieving a good or very good customer experience online across services as diverse as social care, licensing, building control, libraries and highways.
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